Hello bumblebee, I’m so happy you landed on my blossoming lifestyle blog! This website is designed to collect my art & interests, help make the world a better place & assist you on your journey to becoming your best self. I believe everyone has the ability to find happiness and enjoy all life has to offer. While making the world a better place, I hope to provide helpful resources to illuminate your potential and passions.

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Bri Cuz I Said So is a happy, healthy, and helpful digital collection compiled to aid in making this planet a better place. Jump around my Gemini mind as I explore the wonderful world around me.

While actively creating my best life, I’d also like to help others grow by sharing the universe’s lessons, blessings, and everything in between. From Art + Media to Mind, Body, & Soul, this website is a digital extension of myself.

The purpose of this blog is to help others while helping myself and the planet find happiness and good health.

Who am I?

My name is Bri Cruz and I’m the creator of Bri Cuz, I Said So. Twenty-something years old, I currently reside on the east coast of America. Self-made artist, activist, spiritualist, happiness enthusiast, and writer, I enjoy using an assortment of tools to share what I’m learning and creating with the world. Blogging over the past five years has taught me that while others may condense their niche list and thrive, I simply cannot! As a June Gemini, I’m prone to putting my eggs in all the baskets and overwhelming myself with excitement when planning out all the things I’d like to do in this lifetime.

Hey, I’m Bri!

Since my interests are all over the place, so will my blog be. After creating and deleting multiple blogs over the past five years, I’ve decided to make this the place where I leave it all; my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and feelings. My goal is to help the Earth and all those living here while healing, exploring, learning and creating my healthiest and happiest life.

Have fun exploring the topics that take up space in my head and fill my once dull days with sun rays. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me!

Thursday’s Thousand Thoughts: HPV

Thursday’s Thousand Thoughts by Bri is a creative writing series that follows my thoughts for a thousand seconds every Thursday. Excuse me, I’m a bit vulnerable this week. xo Bri