Below is a list of current services I offer. If there is something not listed, but you’re interested in working with me send a message (see below) or email!

open-minded artist and writer looking to collaborate with others and grow as a creator

Writing Consultation // Peer Review


Need a writing buddy? I can help you plan and revise your blog posts, podcasts, poetry collections, books, etc.​ This includes everything from brainstorming sessions to providing feedback on your work.

Sometimes having a second set of eyes can go a long way and as I always say; a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Build A Blog

starting at $10

After reading every how-to blog post ever and investing in several blogger bundles, I believe I have adequate knowledge to help you build and grow a successful blog. Whether you’re driven by money or passion, we can work together to build the blog of your dreams. Send me a message so we can discuss methods and I’ll show you how I more than tripled my audience in one year!

Proofread + Copy Editing

starting at $5

This is the part where I catch typos and errors in spelling, syntax, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, I can assist with SEO, images, tags, titles, and headings. I’ll help polish your work so that it’s ready for publication!

Feature Post // Guest Post

*Message Me*

From product reviews to health-related posts, I have an extremely diverse writing portfolio. Thanks to blogging, reading, and college courses, my writing skills are growing each day by learning different styles of writing. Blog posts, descriptions, reviews, and features are just a few of the guest post options available. Send me an email for more details!

Commissioned Art | Paint, Drawings, Digital Art

starting at $25

Applying the skills and techniques I’ve learned, I’d like to work with you to create the masterpiece of your dreams. With painting and drawing experience covering an array of styles, I believe we can come to an artistic agreement on creating the perfect piece for you.

Tarot Reading

starting at $3

From daily card drawings tailored to you to an array of spreads to help you answer life’s questions, I’m here to help you communicate with your spirit guides and spiritually work toward creating your best life.

Let me know if there’s any way I can help you! Let’s create together(:

Cheers to the community over competition,

xx Bri

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