Editing Services

Thank you for stumbling across my thriving lifestyle blog with no rhyme or reason!

Bri Cuz I Said So is a digital collection of happy and healthy help. While I’m creating my best life, I’d like to share what I’m learning with others.

Why is this significant? Bri cuz I said so! This is my small corner of the universe to fill with happy and helpful thoughts.

Hey friends, I’d like to help others any way I can and that includes helping you with your writing! To gain experience, I hope to work with others in my field. While earning an English degree, this would be a mutually beneficial experience for all content creators.

Are you on a budget? I understand! Ask me about my first time/student discounts!

Writing Consultation *Free*

Need a writing buddy? I can help you plan and revise your blog posts, novel, manuscripts, podcasts, poetry, etc.​ This includes everything from brainstorming sessions to providing feedback on your work.

Sometimes having a second set of eyes can go a long way and as I always say; a friend in need is a friend indeed!


This is usually the final stage in editing. This is the part where I would catch any typos and errors in spelling, syntax, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, I can assist with images, tags, titles, and headings.

I will help polish your work so that it’s ready for publication.

Copy Edit

A step beyond proofreading, copyediting includes:

  • checking for consistency in spelling, capitalization, numerals, and hyphenation
  • checking for continuity in a story (including character description, plot, and setting)
  • fact-checking

Let me know if there’s any way I can help you create your best content yet! Let’s learn together.

Cheers to community over competition,

xo Bri

Book a free consultation today.

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