Curly Hair Cures & Creams

Hey friends, this past weekend I was beyond flattered when a beautiful bartender asked for my advice on styling curly hair. We discovered we have similar hair types based on our nationalities and characteristics of our curls. While anyone would have answered this question and moved right along, I was left thinking about the encounter for days.

After 10 years of trying to find the right recipe to soothe my frizzies and breakage, I can finally say I HAVE MASTERED MY CURLS! For any girls with curls, you know this is such a relief. After years of tears, flat irons, and all the wrong products; I’ve found a solution that heals and hydrates my curls.

While every girl and curl may have a different recipe, I’d like to share some things that helped me and maybe what your hair care routine is missing!


  • Cut back on the number of days you shampoo your do!
  • Coldwater keeps your curls shining & frizz-free.
  • Comb through your hair while your conditioner sets. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb for minimal breakage.


  • Skip the towel; air dry or use a cotton t-shirt.
  • Add your oils and products before your hair is completely dry.
  • Section your hair before adding any product.
  • Avoid using hot tools on your hair including flat irons, blow dryers, and curling wands.


Here are some products that transformed my curls;

One product that initiated the transformation of my curls is Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner which is $5.94 (or $4.99 from TJMaxx).

Not only did this little jar last me quite a long time, but there was also a noticeable difference in how hydrated my curls became. The smell, texture, and price were all extremely agreeable as well as the natural products used to create this leave-in.

Another Shea Moisture product I highly recommend is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner. From the same line as the first product I tried, I incorporated this amazing natural conditioner into my shower routine to spread even more love to my curls. Starting my hydration routine in the shower has dramatically changed my hair and allows me to live comfortably for 2-3 days in between washes. While this product can be found on Amazon for $7.99, I got it for a steal at TJMaxx for only $5.99!

The last product that has become a staple in my hair care routine is Cantu’s Curl Activator Cream which I found at Walmart for about $6. I use this right after the shower as well as days that I’m on my third day of bed head. Not only has this product helped hydrate my curls, I’ve also noticed my ends are not nearly as dry and I’m not struggling so much with breakage.

Frustrated with your curls lately? Try incorporating one of these healthy habits into your hair routine for a significant change!

What’s one part of your curly hair care routine that you swear by? Let’s talk about it to help younger girls avoid what we had to grow through to figure this curly hair thing out!

Cheers to embracing our lovely locks,

xo Bri

My September Playlist

Hey friends, this month my music has been influenced by bands that play at the Phyrst, exploring different styles of music & hype songs that help me feel like a baddie while I’m getting ready.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to Freak the Mighty on dropping their first single this month! It’s so awesome to see someone else from Freeland doing big things. Go check them out on Spotify!

Drogba (Joanna) – Afro B

Shotta Flow – NLE Choppa

Cash Sh*t – Megan Thee Stalion, DaBaby

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Vindicated – Freak the Mighty

Takeaway – The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM, Lennon Stella

Dreams Money Can Buy – Drake

Uh Huh – Quadeca

What’s My Age Again – blink – 182

Toast – Koffee

While some of these songs are newer, I’ll always keep a few old tunes or classics on repeat. As the amazing Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” I’m excited to see where my new found interest in the music industry takes me!

What have you been bumping too this month?

Cheers to finding new tunes to bump to,

xo B

Fall Bucket List ’19

Hey friends, Happy 1st Day of Autumn!

As hot summer season transitions to cooler fall, I’m inspired to make a change along with nature. Inspired by Rosie Culture’s fall post and seeing the first orange leaf of the season I decided to create a fall bucket list. I’m super excited to write about these experiences as I check them off and hope you enjoy tagging along with me.

Go to Pumpkin Festival 2019 (10/11)

Learn about the history of witches

Have a spooky movie marathon

Visit a museum

Check out a show or concert

Create yummy fall dishes

Go on a hike

Invest in a plant (preferably a succulent)

Give up one bad or unproductive habit

Read 10 new books

Get my palm read

30 days of yoga challenge

Write a short story

I decided to stick with thirteen to keep myself from getting overwhelmed about not finishing on time. I hope to continue this seasonal trend and let me know if you enjoyed this post!

Stay up to date on how things are going as I check items off my Fall Bucket List by following my Instagram! What’s one thing on your list of Fall things to do this season?

Cheers to trying new things,

xo Bri

Vox Box #2: Lancôme

*There products were gifted to me by Influenster. This post does not contain affiliate links and all opinions & jokes are 100% my own!*

Hey friends, I decided to spice things up for my second Vox Box review! Check out my video to see what I thought of these three products in my resent gift from Influenster.

Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara

Price: $25

Would I recommend: DEFINITELY!

Would I purchase: Absolutely! This is an investment.

Le Monochromatique in Haute Couture

Price: $25

Would I recommend: I do recommend to anyone looking for a multipurpose, pigmented powder.

Would I purchase: Absolutely, I’m ordering Eclat as my Christmas gift this year.

Genifique Yeux Advanced Light-Pearl

Price: $69

Would I recommend: If that’s what you’re in to…

Would I purchase: No, unless I reach a point in my life where fine lines and wrinkles become an issue.

Have you tried any of these Lancome products? What did you think?

Cheers to Influenster for helping me try new things, xo Bri

Bet You Didn’t Know…

Hey friends! I was tagged by Hannah, the creator of Everyday Freebies & More, for a blogger challenge! You should definitely check out her site after this; one of my favorite posts is How To Save Money on Food. The original creator of this tag was Jenni at Housewife Hustle. You can find her original post and the reasons why she created this tag here.

The challenge is for me to list 7 things about myself I bet you didn’t know, even if you read my blog, follow me on social media, or hit me up IRL.

Bet you didn’t know…

1. The moments I feel closest to earth are summer nights when fireflies light up the air around me and everything under the moon is a little more magical.

2. Proper grammar is more important to me. Double negatives make me cringe & nowadays no one seems to know the proper way to use “been” in a sentence.

3. I’m an extremely sentimental person which sometimes makes letting things (and people) go kind of hard.

4. I haven’t traveled out of the country yet but I plan on 2020 being a major travel year. I’m so excited! Some places I plan to travel include Spain, Cuba, and Italy.

5. I love to sing and make up little raps on the daily. Some of my favorite songs have verses or lines I’m not crazy about so I often reword it and sing my version instead.

6. One of my daily struggles is similar to Trypophobia. While I’m not exactly afraid, small clusters of holes cause me extreme discomfort and aggression.

(That could be exactly what Trypophobia is but when looking for an actual definition, thousands of images popped up and I just couldn’t hang.)

7. I don’t have a middle name. It’s one of the many ways I avoid conforming to societal norms (thanks mom and dad!!).

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me, now it’s your turn! I tag these seven boss blogging babes to tell us some things you bet we didn’t know:

Just the Game of Life | @Jennsgamoflife

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Vibrant & Gray | @vibrantandgray

Girly Gabble | @girlygabble

CARATIGERLILLI | @Caratigerililli

The Walk Paper | @littleRedFox_c

Rules Recap

1. Share 7 facts about yourself that aren’t super present in your blog.

2. Tag 7 bloggers you adore.

3. Shoutout back to me, so I can I read and get to know everyone more too.

Did you know any of these seven facts before reading this post?

Leave me one interesting fact about you in the comments!

Cheers to learning something new about myself everyday, xo Bri

Hubble Contacts Review

*This post does not contain affiliate links and is 100% my honest opinion.*

Hey friends, this month I tried something different and ordered my contacts online! I was super excited to see the $1 offer and had just run out of contacts so I thought, why not? (Shout out to Instagram ads for coming to the rescue, am I right?) Well, here’s what I thought after spending a month with my $1 Hubble Contacts.

Considering I spent $1 on these, I wasn’t expecting much. Good thing too cause you know what they say; no expectations, no disappointments. I planned on canceling my subscription after seeing the $36 monthly fee plus $3 shipping and since popping the first pair in, I knew I made the right decision.

When they arrived a week after I placed the order, I was ecstatic. Free and fast shipping? Yes, please! The packaging is adorable and I dig the easy to store boxes they come in however the actual contacts weren’t the best.

Considering Acuvue Oasys (who also offers a free trial!) has spoiled me since I was 14 years old, I felt my special eyes just needed more love than Hubble’s contacts were giving. The harder, plastic feel of the contacts initially made me nervous to even insert them into my eyes however, once I recalled contacts were initially made out of glass I stopped stressing.

Having daily contacts for one month was enjoyable as I didn’t need to use contact solution and it kept me from second-guessing days I wanted to rock my glasses. Unfortunately, those were the only two things I actually enjoyed about my contact experience with Hubble.

Would I buy this product again? No. For $1 back-up contacts (yes I kept a few pairs stashed away just in case) they weren’t the worst however I won’t be budgeting $40 a month for the convenience of saving on contact solution and having them appear one my door step.

While it was exciting to try something new, Hubble Contacts just wasn’t it for me.

Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Cheers to 2020 vision, xo Bri

Milo, My Love


Hey friends, today is the birthday of my favorite guy in the whole world. From middle school dances and proms to college and beyond, Milo has been my right-hand man for 11 years now. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful, loving puppy who’s capable of teaching me so much without saying any words.

My High, Milo, My Love

11 Lessons Milo Taught Me

  1. Let the people you love know how excited you are when you get to see them

2. Love unconditionally

3. You are where you are meant to be

4. Any place you can lay your head comfortably is a good place for a nap

5. Be grateful

6. Go for a walk

7. It’s okay to cry sometimes

8. Eat when you’re hungry

9. Ask for help when you need help

10. Always have fun

11. Believe in the Universe

11 years, 1 girl + 1 dog

Cheers to all the lessons you taught me without saying a thing,

Love Bri

The Most Important Meal

Hey friends, ever look for ways to change your life for the better, but end up feeling so overwhelmed? Unfortunately, “how to be better” lists always include several habits to change or add to your daily routine all at once. When it comes to creating a better lifestyle, remember; one step at a time!

In a world full of bullet journals and schedule blocking every hour of the day, it’s easy to get caught up and quit when you get bored or overwhelmed. After countless trial and error, falling and getting back up, I read it takes 21 days to make a habit. I decided to try to add one or two healthy habits a week to create my best lifestyle.

The best place to start is to ask yourself why? What are your intentions behind creating your better lifestyle? Now write that down so you have a reminder to keep going every time you consider quitting. It’s time to start living your best life! Let’s start by adding one of the most essential healthy habits to your morning.

The first meal gives you fuel to get going with your day!

Breakfast, literally meaning “break the fast” can have a major impact on your day. Along with a glass of water, filling your stomach with healthy food gives you the energy you need to get through the tough part of your day; mornings. By filling your stomach, you’ll eliminate so many distractions that could keep you from having the most productive days.

Become your happiest, healthiest self!

Eating breakfast has endless benefits from filling your body with essential nutrients to help you stay on track throughout the day. Not only will you see physical improvement, but your mood will also benefit from this meal. Studies show that those who eat breakfast see both a jump start their metabolism and mood.

Start with breakfast and go from there.

Adding this one habit to your day tends to have a ripple effect. Once you’re committed to breakfast, other healthy habits like drinking a glass of water every morning and taking your vitamins fall right in line. Not a morning person? Meal prep to save time for other healthy habits to include in your morning!

Cheers to being able to create our best lives, xo Bri

This is Bumpin: 7/19

Hey pals, I had some songs on repeat this month that I wanted to share!

*This playlist is for my 18+ readers as some songs may contain explicit language not appropriate for young ears*

These songs were there when I was getting ready, on the road, and going for walks all July. Thanks to the people that helped me find these songs, Spotify, and Youtube.

P.S. There is no specific genre this follows. These tunes are bumping, you should definitely check them out.

Caribbean Jawn – FH Snoop

Welcome To The Party – Pop Smoke

Good As Hell – Lizzo

Sensei – Torin Reese ft. DontBeDavid

Normal Sh*t/Stuntin – Shoa

Dangerous – Meek Mill ft. Jeremih & PnB Rock

No Sleep – Skepta

What songs were you bumpin to this month?

Cheers to songs that make you move and songs that move you,

xo Bri

Vox Box #1: bareMinerals Foundation Stick

Hey friends, here’s a long-overdue review of my very first Influenster VoxBox! I have to admit, I felt cool receiving one of these in the mail almost immediately after joining. Although I received it some time ago, my opinion on this product stands true today. This is my opinion on my bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick Broad Spectrum SPF25 in Tan 07. This product was gifted to me by Influenster.

*This post does not contain any affiliate links. While the product was a gift from Influenster, the statements in this post are 100% my opinion*

Once in a while, I like to paint my face.
Photo: bareMinerals Instagram

I’ll admit, I’m not big on wearing makeup so it should mean something when I say: I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION! My combination skin makes it hard for me to find something that provides lasting coverage despite the crazy things I go through in my everyday life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the packaging when it arrived but I’ll tell ya; it was very cute. With an informative insert featuring Hailey Beiber, I learned that this cruelty-free foundation not only hydrated my skin but provided some SPF as well! And it was a gift? Thanks, Influenster!

I began using this product in the winter when I typically wear more face makeup as I sweat less and seem to have more breakouts. It was pretty sweet and I didn’t have to worry about my mascara smudging! From spot correcting to full coverage, I rock with this foundation through the hotter months.
Photo: bareMineral’s Instagram

But wait, it gets even better.

Their color range is solid with 20 shades to pick from! I don’t really take notice of these kinds of things but it just felt like considering all the additional perks this product provides, they have a pretty wide spectrum of colors available.

Would I buy it again?

For the price of $32 on bareMinerals website, for my personal use, I’d have to say this is an investment I’d consider making. While I plan on playing around in front of the camera more, it may become a staple in my makeup routine as the coverage is pretty outstanding. I’ve also had this tube for quite some time and it seems like it should last me a while.

Have you tried this foundation? Tell me what you thought in the comments. If not, what’s you’re favorite?

Cheers to an amazing first VoxBox experience & Influenster,