Thirst Trap: H20

After reading a post from Business Insider on the importance of drinking water first thing in the morning, I decided to adopt this healthy habit while also testing out different brands of water. To cut back on my fluoride intake, I’ve been considering a lifestyle change however my love for the planet often keeps me from buying disposable water bottles when grocery shopping. This past week I tried five different types of bottled water and here’s what I thought.

I know what you’re thinking: “Bri, water is water. How could you possibly pick a favorite?” Well if you can genuinely say the tap water in your kitchen tastes like the same water in your Brita pitcher or the water fountain at the gym, this post is not for you.

In order from my favorite to least favorite, the following list is my opinion on the h2o I tried this week:

Essentia 9.5 pH Water

This water was my absolute favorite as I genuinely felt my thirst was quenched after a few sips. Not only did this bottle last me longer as it was bigger than the others, it also powered me through a workout

Core Hydration

The students at my school and I visually enjoyed this water bottle and what was inside was even better! Not only did this large bottle last me a good amount of time, I felt extremely satisfied once it was finished.


While I enjoyed both the aesthetic and taste of this water, it was a tad pricier than the others. Fortunately, the refreshing taste made up for it however, I wish the bottle would have been equally as large as the others.

Life WTR

I greatly appreciate the opportunity Pepsi gives emerging artists to share their work however this bottle easily could’ve been filled in my kitchen and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

Smart Water alkaline

The best word for me to describe this water: flat. After finishing the bottle, I still felt thirsty and unsatisfied. Despite enjoying the classic look of the Smart Water bottle, I honestly felt I could’ve done without adding this to my testers.

My refillable water will always be my go-to with hopes of cutting back on plastic waste. I got my Marble Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Water Bottle at Walmart for around $15! Not only does it keep my ice cubes solid for around 8 hours, it can also keep drinks warm for some time.

Comment below which one of these is your favorite or if you prefer your refillable water bottle like me!

Remember to hydrate before you diedrate,

xo Bri

*Side note: This piece has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time however it feels like the most appropriate time to finally post it. While we’re experiencing this health epidemic all over the world; please remember to drink water, wash your hands, and practice social distancing!

These photos were taken on my iPhone 11.

Manny Mack & Music Interview

Back in 2018, I was lucky enough to meet up with and interview a musical artist who ended up becoming a good friend – Manny Mack. Now twenty years old, Manny grew up in New Jersey and has been writing since the age of twelve. He enjoys creating Hip Hop, RnB and Rap music.

During the interview, we got to talking about his music, interests, and life in general. To this day, my favorite part of the interview was Manny’s vibes, he’s an extremely chill and funny guy who lets his creative energies flow through any room he’s in, which made him very easy to talk to.

Please excuse my amateur interviewing skills, I promise they’ve improved since then!)

The Interview

Bri: Why did you start writing?

Manny: I just felt inspired, hearing all these guys do their thing over beats and just listening to music in general. It was kind of just interesting to me and I wanted to see if I could do it, so yeah. The first song I ever wrote over was Eenie Meanie by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston.

Bri: When all is said and done, what is your end goal?

Manny: I just want to have a big hand in the music industry. I just want to be able to say I did this and I did that and a whole different aspect of doing things. I want to be different.

Bri: Does your family support your music?

Manny: Heavily.

One of my favorite questions from the entire interview.

Later on in the interview, Manny goes on to explain how both of his parents are hearing impaired but still support his music passion. When I asked him how he shares his music with them, he simply said: “they just feel it.”

B: How do you define success?

M: Hm, that’s a good question…Being able to look back and see where you came from and see a whole new you.

B: That’s a great answer *laughs* So if it wasn’t for music what would you be doing? Like what are some of your other interests?

Push The Culture logo

M: I like designing clothes. I have my own PTC shirt on, Push The Culture, with Tweety Bird which is referring to one of my songs.

B: Speaking of your songs, let’s get back to the music. What are your songs typically about?

M: So I have a lot of songs, some I haven’t even put out. The songs I did put out I’m trying to make a statement with. As a friend of mine called it, it’s a “humble public service announcement”. I’m just trying to let people know like I do this and I’m trying to get in on it. I’m trying to show you all what I can do and what big things you could see me do.

B: Have you performed anywhere yet?

*Please note the list has been updated since then, stay tuned for our then & now interview!

M: Yes, I’ve performed at IUP for their NAACP Image Awards, I’ve done some open mic nights here on campus, and I also opened for Jay Critch at Ali Baba.

B: How do you make musical connections with other artists?

M: For me, I’ll be real honest with you; it just happens. Sometimes I’ll just be going somewhere and I’ll meet someone or I’ll just be vibing, listening to music and I’ll talk with someone and we’ll have that connection. For example, I went to an LSU frat party where this guy Nate and I were just listening to music and I let him know I could rap. He told me he does the same so we just went back and forth on like eight different random songs that played at the party and it’s just stuff like that. It’s just random for me but it happens and the connection is crazy.

B: So who do you want listening to your music? Who’s your target audience?

M: College kids period. Like that’s what I’m doing right now. Me putting my music out is me living my life right now. I’m always referencing little things and my little doings in college, you feel me? So it’s just for the college kids.

B: What’s one thing you want people who listen to your music to know?

M: I’m serious, I’m not f*cking around, like at all.

This is something you should probably know about Manny.

B: So what do you like about music the most?

M: I feel like music is the most powerful component in someone’s life. You feel it whether you like it or not.

B: What’s one thing you don’t like about music or the music industry?

M: I don’t like how fake it is. That’s probably why I’ll never sign anywhere and continue as an independent artist.

One part of the interview that hit close to home was when I asked Manny this question:

B: What advice would you give someone that’s starting where you were when you were twelve?

M: Don’t stop because I did and now I’m picking up stuff late. I feel like if I would’ve kept up with it, things would’ve probably would’ve gone a lot different.

The reason this made me stop for a second during the interview is that I could directly identify to his advice and saw parallelism between him with his music and me with my blogging. I feel as if I would’ve continued to write through multiple times I took breaks from my blog instead, things would be a lot different. The important thing I gained from this interview, as Manny had learned from his time off, is to push through the tough times as it will get you so much farther than just stopping completely.

Let’s continue…

Check him out on Instagram: @realmannymack

B: Do you have any songs you wrote specifically for one person in your life?

M: I wrote a track on my mixtape, Legendary, for my grandmother. I reference her but I never met her once in my life. She died the year I was born which is the crazy thing. I said ‘never met my grandma/ but her name was Mary/ and even though we far/ I can feel her near me’. So yeah, Legendary is for my grandma.

B: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since you’ve started making music?

M: I’m gonna be real, doing my homework.

B: What’s your major?

M: Sign Language Interpreting, it’s very demanding. It’s because both of my parents are deaf actually.

B: So do you just play your music on a speaker and they touch the speaker?

M: They just feel it.

B: How would you say society impacts your music?

M: It gives me a swagger and a taste, Like when you listen to the tape you’ll see some songs I just like being swaggy and sometimes I like being hard and just with that, I think it impacts my music just like my flow and the selection I choose.

B: How would you say wanting to be a musical artist impacted your life? Like for me when I started my blog, it impacted me because I used to be more reserved and shy but then after so many people made me aware they were reading what I wrote and listening to what I was saying like I just started being more vocal in real life as I am on my site.

M: Yeah, I think it was a thing I found purpose with. Growing up I always wanted to be like a construction worker. I wanted to do this and that and there was just so much I wanted to do. Many people would call me a man of many traits. I just wanted to do a lot of things and I didn’t know what to do to like to improve life and then I found music. I was like “that’s it, that is it”.

B: That’s cool. How do you record? Like do you go to studios or have you made a DIY studio?

M: Yeah I go to studios but I also have recording equipment.

B: So have you recorded in a dorm room?

M: Not yet but I want to. It’s in the works.

B: Yeah that would be pretty dope. So have you had the best day of your life yet?

M: Not yet, I don’t think I’ve had the worst yet either.

B: What’s one outside element you would say impacts your music?

M: One major impact is my parents, they will never hear what I’m saying in my music. They will never hear my flow ever but they’ll always feel what I’m putting out and I want them to feel my music.

B: So do you have a favorite song of your own?

M: My own favorite song? Like my song?! Oh, I like the song Safe a lot but now I’m starting to like Kokamoe Freestyle it has a James Brown feature. I got James Brown talking sh*t for me in the beginning and then I just rip the whole track. It’s just me flexing, I’m just having fun with it.

B: Is there one song your most proud of? Like “yeah, I did that”.

M: Yeah, that’s the 24 Freestyle. That’s the first track I ever put out and also the first song I wrote when I was fifteen. It’s the first song I ever recorded my freshman year of college and I did it all in the first take. I was like I said that? It’s crazy and then I had Mel laughing in the background at the end. Easy. And it sounds great, you have to listen to that too.

B: What’s one element of your work you enjoy the most? Like is it the sound, being able to get out your emotion, or just like hearing it all come together?

M: So I love watching people dance. I can dance but I can’t really like dance so I love watching people dance. With me, music is just like my flow. It’s just me dancing on the beat and that’s just how I do it. I can do it with ease. I can do it eight of nine different ways. I just love flowing on the beat.

B: What does being an artist mean to you?

M: It means that I can paint a picture in someone’s mind of anything that I’m writing. Anything that I say; they can relate to, they can feel it, they can picture it and be like, ‘damn, I understand what he’s saying’.

B: What’s some advice you would give your younger self?

M: Read a book because when I was in high school, well I don’t know if I mentioned this but sign language was my first language so I knew English but like my English was broken. Cause you know, sign language is like broken English so I spoke differently growing up.

This interview was such a fun opportunity and it was awesome getting to know an artist in my community. Luckily Manny and I have been able to stay in contact despite both of our transitions out of Bloomsburg. The last time I spoke with Manny, he mentioned having something in the works so stay tuned!

Want to check out Manny’s music? Follow his links below:

Instagram: Real Manny Mack

Twitter: @_ManuelMack_

SoundCloud: Manny Mack2020

Interested in a collab? I’m always looking for music and creative artists, fitness connoisseurs, and anyone doing something that deserves a spotlight to interview. Contact me to set something up!

Cheers to the up and coming artists of 2020,

xo Bri

Fall Bucket List Finale

Hey friends, it’s finally time for that last fall checklist check-in. The end of fall quickly approached but here we are; better late than never! Unfortunately, as a summer baby I’m naturally turned off by the time of year that makes it too cold to go outside. Here’s what I checked off last season from my Fall Bucket List:

  • Go to a pumpkin patch

So I accidentally missed my opportunity for this one but I’ll be sure to try again next fall! Until then, I’ll enjoy some yummy pumpkin pie.

  • Learn about the history of witches ✔

This month I learned about different types of witchcraft and how they all stem from different nationalities/periods in history. I began learning the magic of reading Tarot Cards and loosely studied palmistry with hopes of returning to it soon. I watched a few movies on the subject but my spooky movie marathon had me coming back to the classic Hocus Pocus for most of my lessons.

I will openly admit to watching Coraline at least once a week this season, it’s my favorite movie without a doubt!

  • Visit a museum ✔

I was able to check out museums on both my solo trips to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Museums I’ve visited this fall are The Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Rodin Museum.

  • Check out a show or concert ✔

Thankfully my night time job has live music every night so I’m lucky to “attend” a show the nights I’m working. My favorite bands include My Hero Zero, JJ Rupp & Piano Fight Club. I definitely recommend checking them out! Some shows I hope to attend in the upcoming year are Post Malone, Freak The Mighty, and AfroPunk Fest in Brooklyn.

  • Create a yummy fall dish ✔

While I didn’t cook any dishes specifically for Fall, I did get more into making seafood this season which is a major step up for me! Along with salmon, I made a lovely lunch of pasta, veggies, and shrimp a few times this season which has now become my go-to dinner!

  • Go on a hike ✔

Due to the death of Lucy (my car R.I.P.), most of my mornings were spent taking a short two-mile hike to and from work. Thanks to this I was able to buy my first pair of adult winter boots which I’m still absolutely obsessed with. They have made the colder days easier to get through and for only $30, TJMaxx helped me feel like my most adult self this season.

  • Invest in a plant ✔

I was gifted a lovely Pink Fittonia from my father. As I learned more about the low maintenance plant, I also learned about Lola’s destructive love for leafy greens. Note to self: don’t leave plants you’re trying to love in cat’s reach. Because of Lola’s love language, my beautiful baby plant is not ready for her close up but as soon as she begins returning to her natural state we’ll have the most wonderful photoshoot.

  • Give up one bad or unproductive habit ✔

One habit I rotated between getting over and restarting was smoking. I used my work schedule to justify the unhealthy habit however plan to completely remove it from my lifestyle in the new year. One habit I stuck with stopping has been nail-biting. Not only have I noticed a difference in my overall health, but I’ve also managed to find healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

My top two favorite books from this season are The Creative Tarot and Nasty Galaxy. These two reads not only left lasting impressions throughout the season, but they also became constantly referenced in my day to day life from work to art.

  • Get my palm read ✔ (Technically)

Along with learning about Witchcraft, I took to the library to learn about the magic of palmistry. While I didn’t visit a professional psychic, I did dabble in doing my palm reading, although I read somewhere it’s not quite the same reading your own tarot cards. I’m very excited to soon be able to read others and learn more about the magical world of witchcraft.

  • Thirty-day yoga challenge

HAHA, so this has become a challenge in the making. After extensive research, trial and error, and YouTube videos, I feel I have created the perfect thirty-day challenge specifically for me. With the new year approaching, I believe this will be the first successful challenge I tackle in 2020. Stay tuned!

  • Write a short story ✔

This season I ended up writing several short stories in my journal that I’m very happy with. Unfortunately, I have yet to write a short story I’d deem appropriate for Bri Cuz I Said So however I have a feeling you’ll be reading one very soon. I’m glad to have found another creative outlet doing one of my favorite things ever: writing.

What did you check off your bucket list last season?

Cheers to checking off over half the things I planned to do this season,

xo Bri

This Month’s Tunes: December 2019

Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve shared with you what’s bumping through my headphones. I enjoy sharing my monthly music to help others find new music and support my favorite artists that get me dancing daily. Want to stay connected through music? Find me on Spotify!

Here are some tunes I’ve been taking on my road trips, listening to on my way to work, and lounging with while chilling at home:

Vindicated – Freak the Mighty

The coolest thing in the world to me is having a friend that’s in a band. This chill, light rock tune is a regular on my Saturday evening when I’m hanging out and vibing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it to a show yet, but I’m already looking forward to the next one! Keep up with them on social media and we’ll rock out together at their next gig.

Better Not – Louis The Child

Better Not – Louis The Child

I can’t say I’ve been in love for a while, but I feel it whenever this song comes on (which I’ll shamelessly admit is multiple times a day.) The feel-good vibe that fills the air when this beat comes on is like no other. I’m already looking forward to rocking out in summer air to this tune.

Win – Nasty Cherry

I’ve had Nasty Cherry on repeat since watching their new Netflix series: I’m With The Band. The behind the scenes reality show inspired me to not only learn to play an instrument but also piqued my interest in ‘behind the scenes’ documentary making. As a major fan of Charlie XCX, I was so excited to watch the growth of this band and am now a die-hard fan of Nasty Cherry.

Pisces – RIZ LA VIE

“She talk to me sweet but talks not always cheap

She’s a Pisces, surrounded by these Gemini eyes I see, not just sparks but lightning

She don’t know, where she plans to go,
She’s no hand to hold, I lit her days but she’s afraid to look
That far down as she scans the road, tryna span the globe”

Lyrics thanks to


Now a part of my Bad B*tch playlist, I love when I’m getting ready and this song comes on. I personally identify with this song as I’m too sweet and sassy for my own good. I hope you appreciate that switch up at the end as much as I do. Ladies, this one is for you *applies some clear glosses & carries on with her business* you’re welcome!

Time – Free Nationals, Mac Miller, and Kali Uchis

I just found this song thanks to The Lazy Music Guru’s Review of Free National’s newest album. This was definitely one of my favorites as I quickly listened through the one’s she recommended in that post. Shout out to Lazy Music Guru for helping me find new tunes!

Bhromor Koio Giya – Fuad Almuqtadir, Armeen Musa

This song was a staple during my road trip to San Diego in 2015. Thankfully the universe brought this song back to me and I’m still moved by these tunes. Although I have to look up the lyrics every once in a while, the song seems to get more beautiful the more I listen.

Eric Bellinger – Eric Bellinger

This song has recently become a bit of a hype song for me. Sometimes I get down on how many people are trying to do exactly what I’m trying to do but then Mr. Bellinger comes along to remind me to celebrate myself and all the things I’m doing. While it comes off a tad cocky, I appreciate celebrating our victories now and then.

What new song do you have on repeat this month?

Cheers to new music and rock stars in the making,

xo Bri

Gift Guide For People Who Hate Gift Guides

While Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, there’s nothing that kills the mood more than a generic gift guide filled with stuff we all shove to the back of our closets. Every once in a while, gift guides come across as a blogger’s wish list, which to me is just so insincere and completely misses the point of Christmas.

I prefer sentimentally gifting during the holiday season. While I can walk into any store and say “I bought this because it looked like you/ it reminded me of you/ this is your style” I’d rather gift something that will leave you knowing how much I care about you every time you use it, see it, or think of it.

Here’ a gift guide for those that hate the commercialism of Christmas and would like to return to the true meaning of the season.

1. A homemade candle: Thanks to amazing craft stores like Michael’s, making candles at home is as easy as one two three! Not only can you personalize these for each individual by scent and color, candles now come in a variety of styles including traditional wax and gel.

2. Knitted scarves, hats or sweaters: If knitting has always been a hobby you’re interested in taking up or something you already enjoy doing, this is the perfect personal gift for you to make! Along with the array of colors and style combinations, nothing feels as warm as something handmade by someone you love!

One Christmas my sister-in-law made me a giant finger knit scarf and to this day I think of her every time I leave the house wearing it! Not only was this gift personal, a warm scarf is also essential during winters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

3.Handmade jewelry: From festival bracelets to elegant earrings, handmade jewelry is not only cost-effective but an extremely sentimental gift to give. You can specifically create a piece based on the style of the person you’re creating the jewelry for which not only ensure they’ll love it but it will also be a useful staple in their wardrobe. Not sure how to make jewelry? Etsy is a great place to head if you like supporting small business but still would like a more personal or custom made gift. If you’re intent on hand making your gift instead, why not use this time to learn something new or pick up a new hobby?

4. Soap or body scrub: Homemade soaps and body scrubs are on the rise as (almost) everyone uses them regularly. Know someone who’s trying to incorporate more natural products into their daily lives? This is the perfect gift to make yourself! Not only is this gift useful for everyone and customizable by person, but an amazing chance for you to get creative as well. Similarly to candles, this gift can be altered for every person on your gift list.

5. An itinerary: One of the most valuable things we can give a person nowadays is our time (and the attention that comes with it). What better way to show a person you appreciate their company than planning and dedicating an entire period of time solely to them. The timeline for your itinerary can be based on the person you are giving it to whether you’re planning a day trip or a week-long getaway. With life pulling us all in a million direction, show someone you care by stopping the world around you two for a little to just enjoy each other’s company. If it’s a trip a new city or time solely dedicated to spending a day at home alone together, this is a gift that can be easily tailored to the interests of the person receiving the gift. While this may not be a material thing they’ll always be able to hold on to, the memories from your time together will last a lifetime.

During a season of giving, remember to appreciate what you have and look for ways to better express that appreciation. Whether it’s buying someone a gift they’ve been wanting for a while or simply planning out an entire day to spend time together, listen to what the person you are gifting is truly asking for.

Happy Hanuka, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Festiveness for the rest of us,

xo Bri

Philly, You Feel Me?

Hey friends, this week I logged solo trip #2 in the books. For my final trip of the year, I continued my PA Tour and explored a place in my own backyard. Because this city has dozens of attraction and was dressed up for the holiday season, it was the perfect place for a solo trip this winter. In 3 days & 3 nights, I explored a few wonderful places Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has to offer.

Sabrina’s Cafe

For my first official meal in Philadelphia; I had to make breakfast extra special.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jimmy G’s Steaks

While I’ve stayed away from meat for some time in 2019, I figured when in Rome it was only appropriate to do as the Romans (or Philadelphians in this case) would do. For my first ever Philly Cheesesteak, I decided to take the nontraditional route and head to Jimmy G’s. I got a lot of mixed feedback when asked what places I should try out regarding this specific meal. From locals to Google, I was being sent in a million directions but I’m so glad I chose this place to eat. Not only did I love the vibes of this small, take-out style establishment, the cheesesteak was extremely tasty. I went with American cheese and banana peppers to make it my very own and cannot wait to get back to Philly to have another one.

Philadelphia’s Magical Gardens

I have wanted to visit Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens since the very first day I came across an image on Pinterest in high school. If you’re ever in Philly, this place is a MUST! It was so beautiful and the art found in every nook and cranny was absolutely inspiring. I feel I got some truly amazing shots thanks to the beautiful sunlight that day. This affordable attraction quickly became one of my favorite found destinations and I can’t wait to go back with a camera man.

Rodin Museum

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical by the size of this museum upon entering. To say I was blown away is a bit of an understatement. Along with the amazing artwork, I absolutely loved that most of the rooms included a small table full of drawing pads and pencils. While I didn’t sketch any of the pieces, I did admire some artwork done by others who were passing through and found some amazing inspiration. Museums are my favorite places especially when I’m feeling stuck in a creative rut.

The time I visited the Andy Warhol in Pittsburgh, PA, I went right to the nearest Dollar Tree to buy a notepad and pens. The museums in Philadelphia had me feel a different type of appreciate for art history and interior design.

NBA Game: Sixers vs Nuggets

This was my first ever NBA game and I had the time of my life! Thanks to good company and a few beers, it was an experience I’ll always remember. Not only were the tickets exceptionally priced, I absolutely loved the energy during the game.

During this particular game, one Sixer’s fan traveled with their fiance all the way from Australia! How cool is that? To make the night even cooler, he presented an entire Sixer’s tattoo on his rib cage and during half time had the opportunity to propose to his girl.

I’m now extremely excited to head to my next major sporting event! This was how I spent the first night on my trip which worked out perfectly as it was very cold and raining outside.

Eastern State Penitentiary


This was my first ever experience visiting a Lush store and I am absolutely in love. I’m so excited to share my upcoming post on the goodies I went home with. Not only were all the employees completely informed on all of their products, I walked away with dozens of samples! I didn’t get to try their henna hair dye but I’m curious about it and may have to pick it up on my next trip.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many shots at either of the amazing Airbnbs I stayed in during my trip but they were both stellar! On my first night in the city I stayed in West Philly however for the majority of my trip, I stayed right in Center City.

I’m so happy to conclude 2019 with this trip and definitely plan to go back in the future. Philly was fun, colorful, and an eye opening experience. Wanna check out more of my travels? Click here!

Where do you plan on traveling in 2020?

Cheers to adventures awaiting us every day,

xo Bri

2019 Lessons & Blessings

In honor of my one month countdown to 2020 and my 24th time around the sun approaching, here are 23 beautiful gifts I received from 2019 (and one for good luck!) Take from this what you will & leave behind something 2019 gave you.

  1. Smile at everyone: you never know what kinda day someone’s having.
  2. What you put out = you get back. Everything comes full circle
  3. YIN & YANG: You gotta find the good in the bad and appreciate the bad in the good — learn from understanding
  4. feel good, look good. look good, feel good.
  5. Be a life long learner: read, watch, listen
  6. Learn from everything – the good, the bad, the expected, the unexpected
  7. be grateful! I am so lucky for the life I’ve been blessed with from the wonderful universe!
  8. Listen to your intuition, your body, the universe & what the person speaking to you is saying ALWAYS
  9. character is who you are when no one is watching
  10. let dogs smell your hand before you pet them (maybe also ask their owner)
  11. you can’t trust everyone B U T you can learn from everyone
  12. Be positive Be optimistic. B, look on the bright side.
  13. always be prepared to rollll with it (especially if ‘it’ is a Backwood)
  14. DRINK WATER! Hydrate before you diedrate.
  15. Treat your body like the beautiful temple it is.
  16. Stay wild flower child & say yes to all experiences
  17. Treat others the way you want to be treated = O {full circle}KARMA
  18. know when to stop & know when to start
  19. Save those $dollar$ (you never know when you’ll need them)
  20. LET IT BE: the past is the past, the future is the future, THIS IS THE PRESENT
  21. Always put your best foot & your best face forward
  22. love yourself, you’re the only person that has to<3
  23. You can’t always get what you want & that is OKAY! chill out dude.
  24. what you put in, you get out — your self, body, relationships, work, life

Cheers to all the lessons and blessing I received from 2019,

xo Bri

p.s. don’t forget to leave a lesson or blessing below!

Scary Movie Marathon

Hey friends, although Walmart has been ready for Christmas since mid-October I’m still enjoying some spooky vibes this season. There’s nothing scarier than the sun setting before dinner time with the exception of this list of spooky movies! What’s on your spooky movie marathon list? Here’s mine:

Coraline: This is my favorite movie of all time and I absolutely love the art incorporated in this animated film. While the cartoon features would lead one to believe this is just a silly kids Halloween movie — I’ll have you know I’ve seen grown men jump during this one.

Monster House: Again, for a children’s movie this one is a bit spooky. I learned the proper term for a uvula is thanks to watching this.

47 Meters: Despite the uncomfortable reality this movie presents in the world of cage diving, I have anew found desire to learn how to scuba dive after watching this one. If the ocean is one of your fears, I suggest watching this after vacation season.

Hocus Pocus: This classic gets me every single time. While it’s not the scariest movie, there are spooky vibes the entire hour and thirty-six minutes. One year, I will have the perfect girl group to be The Sanderson Sisters.

Zombieland: The perfect combination of a kinda scary, funny, and mushy (in all senses of the word).

House of Wax: I remember watching this on MTV when I was younger and knowing for sure I’d never be able to go to a real life wax museum ever. May be a bit of an oldie but it’s definitely still a goodie.

Would You Rather: I didn’t see that one coming and I don’t think you will either. I intended to turn this thriller on for background noise but ended up watching the entire thing behind my hands instead.

Truth or Dare: With that title I’m sure you have a good understanding of what this movie is about. That doesn’t make it any less spooky, by the end of the movie you’ll be left saying: “well I didn’t see that coming.”

Sinister: This movie had me feeling so absolutely uncomfortable but I had to watch until the end.

Cheers to movies that move you (especially the ones that make you jump in your seat),

xo Bri

If We Were Having Coffee…

Hey friends, while exploring the internet I found the cutest coffee-related idea thanks to Chloe May’s Blog. As I often have little happy bombs I like dropping on my readers, (and a cup of coffee in my hand) sometimes it doesn’t always flow with my typical content. I’m hoping to update this series monthly to keep my friends and followers up to date on the happenings in life. Today I’d like to have a chat with you over some coffee on some exciting things going on right now:

If we were having coffee, I’d gush over how excited I am to have FINALLY purchased my blog’s domain.

After blogging for around 5-6 years, this is the first time I’ve decided to invest in my talent and my word and I’m beyond excited! With this domain comes great responsibility and I’m ecstatic to see what I’ll create in 2020. While I hope to continue to grow my brand, I also plan on starting a few side projects in the new year that I’ve put on the back burner for quite some time.

If we were having coffee, I’d chat with you about what my headphones have had on replay lately.

I’ll admit I’ve recently become a complete fangirl of my friend’s band, Freak the Mighty. Featured for the second time on BriCuzISaidSo, you can check them out on This Month’s Tunes: December 2019 list.

I’ve also been getting lost in Native American flute music while walking to work lately. Talk about music that takes you to another place, I’ve enjoyed some meditative moments to these heart touching tunes. I also recently found out that meditative walking is a thing, and that’s also been quite an experience.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how your 2019 was and tell you my favorite part of the entire year was waking up next to my dog every day.

After moving into my brother’s house together, not only have Milo and I become closer but I also feel much closer to my family. This past year they’ve helped me drop my bad habits and motivated me while challenging myself to form new ones. 2019 taught me to be grateful not only for the love of my family but the love my dog has for me as well. While it may sound so insignificant to someone without a pet, Milo taught me so much about love this past year. I learned time is a valuable thing and a man-made construct at the same time.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you a little about the art I’ve been making lately.

I’d chat about the sketchbooks I just picked up for a steal at Michael’s (buy one get one free, what?!) and maybe show you some pieces I’ve been working on. I’d ask if you’ve seen my portfolio recently and what you think of it.

This year I kept a journal full of ideas and doodles that are now being brought to life. I couldn’t be more excited to finally share what’s been stuck in my head.

If we were having coffee, I’d share with you my digital favorites from 2019:

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it’s all in the timing; i had to get low 🚀

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  1. 2019 Lessons & Blessings: Bricuzisadiso
  2. Vox Box 2 Review: Lancome: YouTube
  3. Flower Power & all the art I found the courage to share this year: Twitter/Bricuzisaidso
  4. Planning Your First Solo Trip by Budding Regardless, the inspiration for my first solo trip ever to Pittsburgh
  5. Discovering Jera Bean on Instagram, she’s been such an inspiration on both my content and work ethic.
  6. The College Content Queens Facebook Group has helped me share my work with so many different types of people and discover content from all over the world with bloggers that have similar goals to my own. While I was more active at the beginning of the year in the group, I’ve found some life long friends in this gang of girls.

If we were having coffee, I’d express my gratitude for all the people that have read and supported my blog this year.

Reaching 1k views in 2019 was the reassurance I’ve been asking the universe for since 2015. I’m so grateful to have made it to this point as well as having the opportunity to share my artistic views with the world. Here’s to another amazing year of content, laughs, art, and support!

Cheers to coffee and conversation,

xo Bri

Fall Bucket List Progress

Hey friends, with the end of fall quickly approaching I wanted to check in on my fall bucket list progress! Here’s how this season is going so far:

  • Go to Pumpkin Festival 2019 (10/11): So I accidentally missed my opportunity for this one but I’ll be sure to try again next fall! Until then, I’ll enjoy some yummy pumpkin pie.
  • Learn about the history of witches 
The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Check out a show or concert: Thankfully my night time job has live music every night so I’m lucky to “attend” a show the nights I’m working. My favorite bands include My Hero Zero, JJ Rupp & Piano Fight Club. I definitely recommend checking them out!
  • Create yummy fall dishes
  • Go on a hike
  • Invest in a plant (preferably a succulent) — I’m super excited for my new journey with this aloe plant I got from my dad. Just you wait to see my lil sunshine’s progress!
  • Give up one bad or unproductive habit
  • Read 10 new books: I was very proud to cross this off my list as reading more was one of my goals for 2019 that I didn’t actively work toward so much this year. My favorite book from this list was…well there all so amazing! You’re just going to have to pick one for yourself.
  • Get my palm read
  • 30 days of yoga challenge
  • Write a short story

What was one thing you crossed off your Fall Bucket List in 2019? What would you like to add to your list for 2020?

Cheers to the wonderful season and new experiences,

xo Bri