Thursday’s Thousand Thoughts by Bri

Thursday’s Thousand Thoughts by Bri is a creative writing series that follows my thoughts for a thousand seconds every Thursday. I intend to create a structured writing time and allow my friends on Bri Cuz, I Said So to read my ideas and share theirs on concepts presented in each post. Feel free to share how this post made you feel, what parts stood out to you, your take on the topic, etc. Let’s enlighten each other with new perspectives and learn something new.

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I recently decided it was time to purchase my first adult bed. Instead of mindlessly purchasing the cheapest option online, I decided to do some research and find the most earth- and body-friendly bedding out there. My mind was blown when I discovered the world of vegan, organic, and sustainably made sleeping options. I had no idea there were more to mattresses and bed frames than Boscovs- like department stores and mattress warehouses with laundry mat aesthetic.

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to create comfort for absolutely any person that comes in contact with my bed. The pillows and sheets I keep have always been overflowing with comfy vibes. That was until I learned the materials I was creating my comfort space on were actually toxic to me. Thanks to Avocado, I’ve learned so much about my sleeping materials and intend to invest in an Avocado green mattress soon. To better ground myself, I decided to invest in my safe space, my comfort, my retreat: my mattress.

The whole situation got me thinking.

Maybe the concept of the Trolley Problem: “Kill one to save one thousand” is the problem, and shouldn’t necessarily mean to murder a person. Maybe all along it’s simply meant ~ kill one part of yourself to save a thousand. Not just a thousand you’s in the form of your future self, maybe also a thousand others from the effects of restricting things you allow yourself to consume. From the materials and energies we interact with to the atmosphere around us and the waste we create, it’s easy to get caught up in the convenience and comfort. How much of that is good for us?

Killing the instant-gratification and mindless consumerism habits I have may have not directly saved a thousand lives, but perhaps killing that toxic part of myself allows me to have a thousand more days of better living.

And here I thought I was just buying a new bed.

Until next time, xo Bri

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