7 Healthy Steps to Take When You Decide to be Happy

Life is too short to not be your happiest self every day. Now more than ever, your mental health matters and it’s important to take the time to check in with your happiness. Once you’re able to realize you have the power to have absolutely anything your heart desires, it only seems natural to first and foremost want happiness. When you’ve decided it’s your turn to be happy, here are seven healthy steps to take:

Adopt a positive mindset

What you give energy to has power over you, including your thoughts. If you have a habit of thinking something bad will happen, you’re creating that energy. Change the thought and change the outcome! I know, easier said than done but it’s okay to slip up every once in a while. When your thoughts become negative or pessimistic, think the exact opposite. If something can go wrong, then why can’t it also go right?

Celebrate the little things

Ground yourself and realize; in this life, everything is worth celebrating as we cannot go back, only forward. From cheering yourself on for getting out of bed to patting yourself on the back when you make a delicious meal, every moment of happiness or joy is a celebration in itself. Find one reason to smile every day and you’ve already found seven things to be happy about by the end of the week! It truly is the little things.

Be honest with yourself

Write down the root of things that bring you happiness and unhappiness. Allow your thoughts to roam but remember to stay true to you. Pay attention to the emotion you feel when thinking about what makes you happy or unhappy. Is that truly how you feel or how you think you’re supposed to feel. Take time to get to know yourself honestly, detached from external pressures so that you can fully live your truth.

Practice gratitude daily

Keep a gratitude journal and start each morning by writing down three things you’re grateful for. Want to take your productivity to the next level as well? Create a second list of three things you will complete by the end of the day. Start small and build your list up over time. You may even feel overwhelmed by gratitude at certain times of day like right before bed; pull your journal out and jot down those thoughts! As time passes you may realize the more you practice gratitude, the more the universe provides you to be grateful for.

Get out of your own way

A number of us are guilty of self-sabotage; overwhelmed by the feeling of something being too good to be true clouds our judgment and causes us to ruin our own happiness before it can be ruined by something else. Hand in hand with changing your mindset, getting out of your own way will help you see that not only are you worthy of all your desires, you’re also probably the one reason you haven’t obtained them yet. Instead of telling yourself you’ll be happy when “…xyz” be happy in the present moment with how things are. Who knows, that might attract that thing you’ve been expecting to bring you happiness all along.

Try new things

While you may be taking the right steps, whatever you’re doing right now isn’t working. Trying new things will allow you to get out of your comfort zones, explore yourself, and at the very least make for interesting dinner conversation. From trying out a new recipe to visiting a different farmers market, the possibility of trying new things is all around us; what we eat, wear, read, think. Do you normally scroll through social media before getting out of bed? Try something new and reach for a glass of water instead of your phone tomorrow morning. It truly is the little things.

Say affirmations regularly

Affirmations are small sayings or mantras associated with manifestation. Speak your desires into existence by using affirmations regularly. Record your daily affirmations in your gratitude journal and watch as abundance overflows into your life. The thing about affirmations is, in order for them to come true you must truly believe and mean what you say. Speak with intention and passion.

~ The universe is beautiful and so am I.

~ I attract opportunity and abundance in my life.

~ What is meant for me will be when the timing is right.

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Are you happy? Comment below one thing that made you happy today or how you’re working on finding happiness in your life. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, let’s find happiness for all the other days.

Until next time, xo Bri


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5 thoughts

  1. This is a fantastic post and I’m super inspired. I’m definitely going to take on board the one about the regular affirmations. I never had really thought about it before, however it sounds like an amazing idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bri, I know this is an old post but it just popped up in my email and I am SO glad I found it! I’m trying to consciously be happier and . . . its working, but some old habits die hard! these tips are wonderful and they’ve come at just the right time xx


    1. Hey, this is actuallly a brand new post, I’m so glad you found it!!! Of course happiness, like all great things, take time. I’m cheering you on for channeling your happiness! Since i’ve opened my eyes, it’s blown my mind that more people don’t make this a priority; I’ll gladly make it my purpose for spreading the word. Thanks so much for checking out my post!!!


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