52 Week Photography Challenge

Hey bumblebee, I found this challenge from a while ago and thought I would try again! Unfortunately, I lost the creator of this challenge but would like to give credit where it is due; if you know the original creator of this challenge, please comment below!

3 Weekly Categories:

Portrait (P): capturing the essence of a person in an image (person/pet)

Landscape (L): explore your surroundings

Artistic (A): impression, expression; express yourself literally or figuratively

52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 1: Portrait – self portrait

Week 2: Landscape – traditional

Week 3: Artistic – red

Week 4: P – head shot

Week 5: L – black + white

Week 6: A – candy

Week 7: P – faceless

Week 8: L – wide angle/panorama

Week 9: A – shadows

Week 10: P – environmental; natural habitat

L – reflection

A – transportation

P – high key

L – zoomed in

A – metal


L – urbanscape

A – texture

P – messy

Week 20: L – night owl

A – fantasy

P – hands

L – weather

A – sparkle

P – silhouette

L – simplify

A – blue

P – family

L – waterscape

Week 30: A – patterns

P – candid

L – colorful

A – collaboration

P – child

L – nature upclose

A – food

P – fashion

L – get low

A – handmade

Week 40 P – sitting in a chair

L – get high

A – minimalist

P – the elderly

L – a tree

A – nostalgic

P – backlit

L – abandon

A – broken: shallow depth of field

P – dancing

Week 50: L – symmetrical

A – art

Week 52: P – self portrait

I challenge you to complete this challenge with me; drop your link to week 1 in the comments!

cheers to challenges that help us grow, xo Bri

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