Truth About Floral Boobs Artwork and Breast Cancer Awareness

So here’s the truth about floral boobies artwork and breast cancer awareness: this floral set is my artistic expression exploring breast cancer awareness through art and @freethenipple movement. Created during Breast Cancer Awareness month, I learned more about self-examinations, available breast cancer resources for men, and the history of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Cancer is a battle we all encounter whether directly or indirectly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Here are some useful resources I found:

Art Work & A Warning

How to Check for Lumps and Other Breast Changes |

Breast Self-Exam | National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Resources

His Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer Self-Exam |

Breast Cancer in Men | Susan G Komen

Free The Nipple Instagram

Ways to raise awareness:

Donation to organizations performing research and raising awareness

Participate in fundraising events (walks, donation drives, etc.)

Get educated on Breast Cancer and performing self-exams

Share what you’ve learned about Breast Cancer Awareness with friends and family.

Share Breast Cancer Awareness information via social media

Create a fundraising event in your community to spread awareness and raise money for donations

Related: Breast Cancer Walks for 2020 [Updated June 2020]

To complete my senior project during high school, I spent time working with the American Cancer Society and learned about raising awareness through Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. From organizing raffles to setting up gatherings for members in my community, I met women who were making a difference in the world of cancer research and inspired me to do what I can to raise awareness.

Floral Boobies was created during a time of celebration and self-love. These pieces were made with acrylic paint, canvases, and up-cycled flower and leaf decorations. No plants were harmed in the making of this masterpiece.

Need some help supporting issues you find important? Comment below one way you’re raising awareness for concerns you’re passionate about!

cheers to boobies, xo Bri

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