Happy National Junk Food Day

Hey bumblebee! Not only are wacky national holidays my favorite, I love any reason to celebrate food. While adopting a healthy lifestyle, I realized my snacking habits would change the most. The term “junk food” could negatively explain my eating habits prior to this big change, however, I’ve learned as a society we’ve made this phrase synonymous with snacks, processed, fast and foods lacking in nutrients.

Junk Food (n): food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation.


When adopting a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember: it is your life, therefore you can make adjustments that are best for you. Although today is a day for celebrating junk, I’d like to put a spin on it and celebrate healthier ‘junk’ options.

Here are some junk food swaps to stay on track when munching out:


Veggie hot dogs & Impossible burgers

Cauliflower crust pizza

Sweet potato fries

Beef jerky

Zucchini bread vs. white bread


Swap dairy-based chip dips for guac, salsa, or hummus. Want to take it to the next level? Try making homemade dips!

Harvest Snap Red Lentils

Funyons, Pretzels & Popcorn

Roasted or air-fried veggies with sea salt

Veggie & Flaxseed corn tortilla chips vs. Corn tortilla chips (Thank you Trader Joe’s!)


Dried fruit – cranberries, bananas, mangos

Fruit snacks – opt for brands that use real fruit & natural flavors

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Protein Cookie

Dark Chocolate

Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream

Looking for healthier ways to snack? Check out Snacks on Deck for some more yummy options!

Put good in, get good out -xo Bri

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