Warby Parker Review

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Hello bumblebee! Since my experience with Hubble Contacts, I was nervous to turn to the internet for anything eye-doctor related. Unfortunately, my glasses broke around the same time I got a terrible sty and I couldn’t put it off any longer; it was time for some new glasses. Additionally, I had no desire to spend more time traveling to the eye doctor than looking at the overpriced designer frames covering their walls. With all my apps listening in on my hardships, my feeds were flooded with Warby Parker ads within an hour of me crying out in frustration. How lucky.

Quick, Easy, Affordable

Warby Parker is an online prescription glasses and sunglasses retailer with stores throughout the states. The best thing about W.P. is the extremely personalized at-home try-on and the overall positive experience they provide picking out glasses. They even have an app!

W.P. sends five pairs of glasses and/or sunglasses to try on at home for free. Signing up is extremely easy and after answering a few questions, you’re matched with frames best for your features. Spend five days with five prescription-free frames then send them all back, answer a few questions about the pair you want, and you’ll receive your glasses shortly after in the mail.

Would I buy this product again?

Absolutely. I’m currently looking into getting my first pair of prescription sunglasses (Hayes Sunglasses in Jet Black) to help cut back on the time I spend in contacts. Right now I’m wearing: Hallie | Wide | Lapis Crystal – blue-light-filtering, high-index lenses. Without stepping foot in a doctor’s office, I was able to get the best eyeglasses for all my needs; they even made a recommendation based on my prescription that’s helped me better enjoy my experience wearing glasses. As someone who’s preferred contacts most of her life, it’s nice having glasses I enjoy wearing even more.

Warby Parker saved me a ton of time and money on the best glasses I’ve ever had. The entire experience made the struggles of being an adult a bit easier – I didn’t even have to call and make an appointment.

Have you ordered glasses or contacts online? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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Cheers to the little things,

xxo Bri

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