how do you say… newsletter?

Hey bumblebee, here’s the sitch with my emailing list:

While MailChimp was easy to use and filled with so many ways to help bloggers, it just felt less personal than the overall connection I’d like to have with my brand. Instead of collecting your info via a small box to send out mass-produced emails, I’d rather send you a personal email once a month just letting you know what’s up and seeing what’s going on with you.

I want us to be pals.
Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

“That could be a lot of work Bri.” Yeah, I’m intimidated that I could one day be emailing over 100 people to check in but if I only make one of them smile then I’ve done my job. Today, however, I am here with you. I appreciate you reading my blog and would love to get to know you!

If this sounds like the type of “newsletter” you’d like to subscribe to drop your email in the comments! Send me a message on Twitter or Instagram. Reach out in an email or try my Contact Me page! And if you truly are a good friend, you’ll let your pals know about this amazing opportunity as well!

(Do I smell a giveaway soon?)

Not only do I hope to share things I think will benefit you, Mental Health Awareness Week raised my awareness that not everyone feels like they have that person they could turn to. My inbox is open to it all; the tea, the emotional “everything’s going to shit” breaking point, the moments you want to celebrate but you aren’t ready to tell the world. I’m here for you.

In addition to all the fun and love coming at you via newsletter, subscribers are also gifted the passwords to XXO posts!

Thank you for your support, I hope I can show my readers as much love as they’ve shown me.

cheers to making new friends,

xxo Bri

p.s. Speaking of newsletters, here’s a link to sign up to my favorite first cup of coffee companion; Morning Brew. If you didn’t see my rant about it on Facebook yet, you need to.

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