National Museum Day

As I spend another day finding beauty in everyday objects around the house, today’s national wacky holiday lets me reflect on the times I spent finding beauty in my favorite places. From the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, I was lucky enough to admire art in history before the world went into lockdown.

Did you know there are 35,000 museums in the United States?

While appreciated for providing artistic inspiration and protecting priceless artifacts, museums are also the best place to go when you’d like to learn something new. Today I would like to thank the men and women behind the exhibits. Thank you to the artists, historians, coordinators, carpenters, movers and every person behind the scenes of a museum exhibit that has led the world to be inspired, educated, and entertained. Thank you for protecting pieces of history that humanity may otherwise be lost and dull without. Thank you for cleverly arranging millions of views inside countless rooms and cleaning up after we’ve left everything but our imagination behind.

Happy National Museum Day!

It’s the little things.

The images in this post are from my solo trips to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is a museum about cows called?

A Moo-seum.

The Andy Warhol Museum

My favorite is The Andy Warhol Museum. Not only do I relate to Andy’s “nothing artistic I do is ever good enough” mindset despite dabbling with different mediums, I was blown away by all the things I actually didn’t know about him.

One small room filled with personal artifacts has stuck with me to this day. Not only did this room teach me about the lion Warhol performed taxidermy on (and the whole period of his life where he dabble in taxidermy), I also discovered the binders he compiled throughout his life filled with ideas, blueprints, clippings, pictures, etc that led to the creation of his masterpieces. This inspired me to go about my artistic development similarly with hopes that my binders are kept safe in my own museum one day.

All images can be found in my Portfolio.

cheers to finding inspiration wherever we may go,

xo Bri

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  1. Sup Bri, my favorite museum is the “21c museum & hotel” in OKC . They have one in Louisville and other cities and they all have their own distinctly colored penguin placed throughout. Wonderful place, I think the art is cycled every 8 months.

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