30 Days of Yoga – Week 1

With a new month comes new challenges.

This month one of my goals was to complete Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga on YouTube. Aside from staying active, now is a great time to form long term healthy habits. Yoga has become one of my favorite ways to move around, stretch and listen to my body.

Fun fact: one of my long term life goals is to become a certified yoga instructor and master the art of breathing. Here’s how my first week went practicing yoga with Adriene for a few moments each day:

So About Days 1 – 10…

Because I’m still learning to form daily habits, there were days I skipped and days I would do two or three videos at a time. Overall each video is a reasonable length and by the end, I am so lost in the moment I don’t even realize a half-hour has passed! Adriene’s voice is extremely soothing and each video I walk away smiling from ear to ear. Her flow is easy enough for beginners to follow and allows regular yogis to connect deeper with every pose and breath.

Each day I walk away from the mat with a new message or lesson from the universe. While I’m becoming more aware of breathing in my everyday life, practicing yoga daily has also made me aware that my body is capable of doing much more than I truly give it credit for.

My Favorite Days

Day 5 – Feel Alive Flow: I was feeling especially lazy so this 12-minute refreshing stretch was exactly what I needed to start my day and stay on track with my 30-day goal. After spending some extra time in bed these past few weeks, I wish I had been doing this quick’workout’ every morning.

Day 8 – Healing and Meditation: As someone who is hoping to regularly practice meditation, I appreciate Adriene including this guided meditation in our 30-day challenge. This video has helped me feel incredibly grounded and present, I may have to come back to this once a week. Click here to feel even more grounded during yoga with Adriene and open your root chakra!

Day 10 – Sun Salutation: If there’s one day you should try from this entire challenge, it is day 10 – Sun Salutations! Throw this into your morning routine when you’re feeling stiff or have a little extra time and watch how 10 minutes can change your ENTIRE day!

I challenge you!

Now is an especially important time to find one healthy habit to stick to. There’s no day like today to become the person you’ve always wanted to be! What are you challenging yourself to do once a day to stay active, get in shape, or form a deeper connection with your body?

cheers to working on the body and the soul,

xo B

7 thoughts

  1. Bri I’ve been doing pushups and plank. I have increased them every week. It’s been a month now so hopefully my habit has been officially formed but wish me luck that I keep it up. Yeah some chicks like a dad-bod but my health is another story 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Good luck with that amazing healthy habit! It’s awesome how doing one or two simple things can have such a significant impact on your whole body. I’m finally to the point of adjusting my mental when it comes to working out which I’ve realized has impacted my entire workout history SO MUCH

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    1. Same! She’s really helped me move around everyday and throughout the day I can hear her say “smile!” lol plus she has SO MUCH CONTENT! You could do videos all day long and still have some for tomorrow, I love it.

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      1. Yeah it has been a big help staying fit during quarantine. My thing is I can go to the gym and hit it harder with less frequency or do yoga which is less stressful with greater frequency, so finding her videos has been a big help!

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      2. This has been the one challenge I’ve done (like in general) that has made me more eager each day instead of like “ugh i gotta do this again today” which I absolutely love as my self discipline and consistency are being tested just as much as my concentration to breathing.
        It’s really nice connecting with someone going through the same thing!!

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