Bad Romance

The seasons have changed and so have I,

If you asked me if I missed you,

at first I would say no.

I’d tell you that I lost my feelings

quite some time ago.

I guess I’d reconsider

when I’d see your smile frown.

I’d say I had been bitter

and for sometime I was down.

I would ask if you missed me

but the truth is: I don’t care

because I’m finally happy

and the truth I need not spare.

As for our time together,

yes sometimes I do go back

brought on by change of weather,

all the good times have gone black.

Do I miss the way you kissed

or raised your hand at me?

All the days I’ve filled with bliss

now you’re a memory.

By: Brianna Cruz

Poem inspired by Instagramer @pia.mayumder

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