Fall Bucket List Finale

Hey bumblebee, it’s finally time for that last fall checklist check-in. The end of fall quickly approached but here we are; better late than never! Unfortunately, as a summer baby I’m naturally turned off by the time of year that makes it too cold to go outside. Here’s what I checked off last season from my Fall Bucket List:

  • Go to a pumpkin patch

So I accidentally missed my opportunity for this one but I’ll be sure to try again next fall! Until then, I’ll enjoy some yummy pumpkin pie.

  • Learn about the history of witches ✔

This month I learned about different types of witchcraft and how they all stem from different nationalities/periods in history. I began learning the magic of reading Tarot Cards and loosely studied palmistry with hopes of returning to it soon. I watched a few movies on the subject but my spooky movie marathon had me coming back to the classic Hocus Pocus for most of my lessons.

I will openly admit to watching Coraline at least once a week this season, it’s my favorite movie without a doubt!

  • Visit a museum ✔

I was able to check out museums on both my solo trips to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Museums I’ve visited this fall are The Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Rodin Museum.

  • Check out a show or concert ✔

Thankfully my night time job has live music every night so I’m lucky to “attend” a show the nights I’m working. My favorite bands include My Hero Zero, JJ Rupp & Piano Fight Club. I definitely recommend checking them out! Some shows I hope to attend in the upcoming year are Post Malone, Freak The Mighty, and AfroPunk Fest in Brooklyn.

  • Create a yummy fall dish ✔

While I didn’t cook any dishes specifically for Fall, I did get more into making seafood this season which is a major step up for me! Along with salmon, I made a lovely lunch of pasta, veggies, and shrimp a few times this season which has now become my go-to dinner!

  • Go on a hike ✔

Due to the death of Lucy (my car R.I.P.), most of my mornings were spent taking a short two-mile hike to and from work. Thanks to this I was able to buy my first pair of adult winter boots which I’m still absolutely obsessed with. They have made the colder days easier to get through and for only $30, TJMaxx helped me feel like my most adult self this season.

  • Invest in a plant ✔

I was gifted a lovely Pink Fittonia from my father. As I learned more about the low maintenance plant, I also learned about Lola’s destructive love for leafy greens. Note to self: don’t leave plants you’re trying to love in cat’s reach. Because of Lola’s love language, my beautiful baby plant is not ready for her close up but as soon as she begins returning to her natural state we’ll have the most wonderful photoshoot.

  • Give up one bad or unproductive habit ✔

One habit I rotated between getting over and restarting was smoking. I used my work schedule to justify the unhealthy habit however plan to completely remove it from my lifestyle in the new year. One habit I stuck with stopping has been nail-biting. Not only have I noticed a difference in my overall health, but I’ve also managed to find healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

My top two favorite books from this season are The Creative Tarot and Nasty Galaxy. These two reads not only left lasting impressions throughout the season, but they also became constantly referenced in my day to day life from work to art.

  • Get my palm read ✔ (Technically)

Along with learning about Witchcraft, I took to the library to learn about the magic of palmistry. While I didn’t visit a professional psychic, I did dabble in doing my palm reading, although I read somewhere it’s not quite the same reading your own tarot cards. I’m very excited to soon be able to read others and learn more about the magical world of witchcraft.

  • Thirty-day yoga challenge

HAHA, so this has become a challenge in the making. After extensive research, trial and error, and YouTube videos, I feel I have created the perfect thirty-day challenge specifically for me. With the new year approaching, I believe this will be the first successful challenge I tackle in 2020. Stay tuned!

  • Write a short story ✔

This season I ended up writing several short stories in my journal that I’m very happy with. Unfortunately, I have yet to write a short story I’d deem appropriate for Bri Cuz I Said So however I have a feeling you’ll be reading one very soon. I’m glad to have found another creative outlet doing one of my favorite things ever: writing.

What did you check off your bucket list last season?

Cheers to checking off over half the things I planned to do this season,

xo Bri

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  1. I’ve always wanted to get my palm read! As for here, fall left a long time ago unfortunately! I can still do most of your list though! And nothing ever stops me from hiking!

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