Gift Guide For People Who Hate Gift Guides

Hey bumblebee, while Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, there’s nothing that kills the mood more than a generic gift guide filled with stuff we all shove to the back of our closets. Every once in a while, gift guides come across as a blogger’s wish list, which to me is just so insincere and completely misses the point of Christmas.

I prefer sentimentally gifting during the holiday season. While I can walk into any store and say “I bought this because it looked like you/ it reminded me of you/ this is your style” I’d rather gift something that will leave you knowing how much I care about you every time you use it, see it, or think of it.

Here’ a gift guide for those that hate the commercialism of Christmas and would like to return to the true meaning of the season.

1. A homemade candle: Thanks to amazing craft stores like Michael’s, making candles at home is as easy as one two three! Not only can you personalize these for each individual by scent and color, candles now come in a variety of styles including traditional wax and gel.

2. Knitted scarves, hats or sweaters: If knitting has always been a hobby you’re interested in taking up or something you already enjoy doing, this is the perfect personal gift for you to make! Along with the array of colors and style combinations, nothing feels as warm as something handmade by someone you love!

One Christmas my sister-in-law made me a giant finger knit scarf and to this day I think of her every time I leave the house wearing it! Not only was this gift personal, a warm scarf is also essential during winters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

3.Handmade jewelry: From festival bracelets to elegant earrings, handmade jewelry is not only cost-effective but an extremely sentimental gift to give. You can specifically create a piece based on the style of the person you’re creating the jewelry for which not only ensure they’ll love it but it will also be a useful staple in their wardrobe. Not sure how to make jewelry? Etsy is a great place to head if you like supporting small business but still would like a more personal or custom made gift. If you’re intent on hand making your gift instead, why not use this time to learn something new or pick up a new hobby?

4. Soap or body scrub: Homemade soaps and body scrubs are on the rise as (almost) everyone uses them regularly. Know someone who’s trying to incorporate more natural products into their daily lives? This is the perfect gift to make yourself! Not only is this gift useful for everyone and customizable by person, but an amazing chance for you to get creative as well. Similarly to candles, this gift can be altered for every person on your gift list.

5. An itinerary: One of the most valuable things we can give a person nowadays is our time (and the attention that comes with it). What better way to show a person you appreciate their company than planning and dedicating an entire period of time solely to them. The timeline for your itinerary can be based on the person you are giving it to whether you’re planning a day trip or a week-long getaway. With life pulling us all in a million direction, show someone you care by stopping the world around you two for a little to just enjoy each other’s company. If it’s a trip a new city or time solely dedicated to spending a day at home alone together, this is a gift that can be easily tailored to the interests of the person receiving the gift. While this may not be a material thing they’ll always be able to hold on to, the memories from your time together will last a lifetime.

During a season of giving, remember to appreciate what you have and look for ways to better express that appreciation. Whether it’s buying someone a gift they’ve been wanting for a while or simply planning out an entire day to spend time together, listen to what the person you are gifting is truly asking for.

Happy Hanuka, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Festiveness for the rest of us,

xo Bri

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