Philadelphia, You Feel Me?

Hey bumblebee, this week I logged solo trip #2 in the books. For my final trip of the year, I continued my PA Tour and explored a place in my own backyard. Because this city has dozens of attraction and was dressed up for the holiday season, it was the perfect place for a solo trip this winter. In 3 days & 3 nights, I explored a few wonderful places Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has to offer.

Sabrina’s Cafe

For my first official meal in Philadelphia; I had to make breakfast extra special.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jimmy G’s Steaks

While I’ve stayed away from meat for some time in 2019, I figured when in Rome it was only appropriate to do as the Romans (or Philadelphians in this case) would do. For my first ever Philly Cheesesteak, I decided to take the nontraditional route and head to Jimmy G’s. I got a lot of mixed feedback when asked what places I should try out regarding this specific meal. From locals to Google, I was being sent in a million directions but I’m so glad I chose this place to eat. Not only did I love the vibes of this small, take-out style establishment, the cheesesteak was extremely tasty. I went with American cheese and banana peppers to make it my very own and cannot wait to get back to Philly to have another one.

Philadelphia’s Magical Gardens

I have wanted to visit Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens since the very first day I came across an image on Pinterest in high school. If you’re ever in Philly, this place is a MUST! It was so beautiful and the art found in every nook and cranny was absolutely inspiring. I feel I got some truly amazing shots thanks to the beautiful sunlight that day. This affordable attraction quickly became one of my favorite found destinations and I can’t wait to go back with a camera man.

Rodin Museum

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical by the size of this museum upon entering. To say I was blown away is a bit of an understatement. Along with the amazing artwork, I absolutely loved that most of the rooms included a small table full of drawing pads and pencils. While I didn’t sketch any of the pieces, I did admire some artwork done by others who were passing through and found some amazing inspiration. Museums are my favorite places especially when I’m feeling stuck in a creative rut.

The time I visited the Andy Warhol in Pittsburgh, PA, I went right to the nearest Dollar Tree to buy a notepad and pens. The museums in Philadelphia had me feel a different type of appreciate for art history and interior design.

NBA Game: Sixers vs Nuggets

This was my first ever NBA game and I had the time of my life! Thanks to good company and a few beers, it was an experience I’ll always remember. Not only were the tickets exceptionally priced, I absolutely loved the energy during the game.

During this particular game, one Sixer’s fan traveled with their fiance all the way from Australia! How cool is that? To make the night even cooler, he presented an entire Sixer’s tattoo on his rib cage and during half time had the opportunity to propose to his girl.

I’m now extremely excited to head to my next major sporting event! This was how I spent the first night on my trip which worked out perfectly as it was very cold and raining outside.

Eastern State Penitentiary


This was my first ever experience visiting a Lush store and I am absolutely in love. I’m so excited to share my upcoming post on the goodies I went home with. Not only were all the employees completely informed on all of their products, I walked away with dozens of samples! I didn’t get to try their henna hair dye but I’m curious about it and may have to pick it up on my next trip.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many shots at either of the amazing Airbnbs I stayed in during my trip but they were both stellar! On my first night in the city I stayed in West Philly however for the majority of my trip, I stayed right in Center City.

I’m so happy to conclude 2019 with this trip and definitely plan to go back in the future. Philly was fun, colorful, and an eye opening experience. Wanna check out more of my travels? Click here!

Where do you plan on traveling in 2020?

Cheers to adventures awaiting us every day,

xo Bri

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