Scary Movie Marathon

Hey bumblebee, although Walmart has been ready for Christmas since mid-October I’m still enjoying some spooky vibes this season. There’s nothing scarier than the sun setting before dinner time with the exception of this list of spooky movies! What’s on your spooky movie marathon list?

Coraline: This is my favorite movie of all time and I absolutely love the art incorporated in this animated film. While the cartoon features would lead one to believe this is just a silly kids Halloween movie — I’ll have you know I’ve seen grown men jump during this one.

Monster House: Again, for a children’s movie this one is a bit spooky. I learned the proper term for a uvula is thanks to watching this.

47 Meters: Despite the uncomfortable reality this movie presents in the world of cage diving, I have anew found desire to learn how to scuba dive after watching this one. If the ocean is one of your fears, I suggest watching this after vacation season.

Hocus Pocus: This classic gets me every single time. While it’s not the scariest movie, there are spooky vibes the entire hour and thirty-six minutes. One year, I will have the perfect girl group to be The Sanderson Sisters.

Zombieland: The perfect combination of a kinda scary, funny, and mushy (in all senses of the word).

House of Wax: I remember watching this on MTV when I was younger and knowing for sure I’d never be able to go to a real life wax museum ever. May be a bit of an oldie but it’s definitely still a goodie.

Would You Rather: I didn’t see that one coming and I don’t think you will either. I intended to turn this thriller on for background noise but ended up watching the entire thing behind my hands instead.

Truth or Dare: With that title I’m sure you have a good understanding of what this movie is about. That doesn’t make it any less spooky, by the end of the movie you’ll be left saying: “well I didn’t see that coming.”

Sinister: This movie had me feeling so absolutely uncomfortable but I had to watch until the end.

Cheers to movies that move you (especially the ones that make you jump in your seat),

xo Bri

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