Fall Bucket List Progress

Hey bumblebee, with the end of fall quickly approaching I wanted to check in on my fall bucket list progress! Here’s how this season is going so far:

  • Go to Pumpkin Festival 2019 (10/11): So I accidentally missed my opportunity for this one but I’ll be sure to try again next fall! Until then, I’ll enjoy some yummy pumpkin pie.
  • Learn about the history of witches 
The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Check out a show or concert: Thankfully my night time job has live music every night so I’m lucky to “attend” a show the nights I’m working. My favorite bands include My Hero Zero, JJ Rupp & Piano Fight Club. I definitely recommend checking them out!
  • Create yummy fall dishes
  • Go on a hike
  • Invest in a plant (preferably a succulent) — I’m super excited for my new journey with this aloe plant I got from my dad. Just you wait to see my lil sunshine’s progress!
  • Give up one bad or unproductive habit
  • Read 10 new books: I was very proud to cross this off my list as reading more was one of my goals for 2019 that I didn’t actively work toward so much this year. My favorite book from this list was…well there all so amazing! You’re just going to have to pick one for yourself.
  • Get my palm read
  • 30 days of yoga challenge
  • Write a short story

What was one thing you crossed off your Fall Bucket List in 2019? What would you like to add to your list for 2020?

Cheers to the wonderful season and new experiences,

xo Bri

10 thoughts

  1. I’ve crossed off some things off my list, however, the number one thing I’m wanting to do is go to a museum this December. I hope you fulfill your bucket list before the year is over.

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    1. So glad I added that to my list as I’ve been to some really amazing museums this month and have a few more to get to before the seasons over.
      I love that you’re keeping a monthly list also! I hope you get to one sooon. Thanks so much for checking out my post!


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