A Trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

*This post does not contain any affiliate links & contains 100% of my honest opinion.*

Hey bumblebee, long time no see! It’s nice to be writing about something that fills my heart up with so much happiness again. I finally took the plunge and added solo traveler to my extensive list of titles. Thanks to two amazing people I’m so lucky to connect with; Marley and Mbalenhle, I was so inspired to start seeing the world through my own eyes.

City of Bridges

About a month ago, while sitting in discontent at work, I decided to reserve an Airbnb for a few days somewhere I’ve never been before. While the spontaneity was so thrilling, the idea of comfort and safety lingered in my mind so I chose somewhere just far enough away from home for it to be a trip, a place I had never been before but heard so much: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

From November 2nd to 5th, I was free to explore the city of bridges in whatever manner I pleased. Along with visiting famous attractions and beautiful views, my plan upon arrival was to eat my way through the city and enjoy the sites. Being the deal hunter my mother raised me to be; I bought a two-way Megabus ticket for about $9 and reserved an Airbnb for 3 nights at $31 a night totaling $119.70 after fees. While exploring the city for four days, I was able to use Uber’s and Lift’s to get around for a total of $47.51. Overall travel expenses for the trip totaled around $177.

Here’s a rough draft of my itinerary during my time in Pittsburgh. I planned a loose schedule in case anything unexpected popped up (which of course it did) so the asterisk* marked tasks were added along the way.

I’ll admit there were some quick little stops to places whose names are escaping me but were dashing none the less. This city is rich with history and I felt I could easily travel back in time from many places I visited. The Warhol Museum was an extremely educational place when it came to learning more about Pitt’s background.

My Favorite Places in Pittsburgh:

The Andy Warhol Museum

The Mattress Factory

Kelly O’s

The Famous Breakfast

S&D Polish Deli

4 potato and cheddar perogies and Pittsburgh Style Haluszki

Many of the concerns I got from those that had heard about my solo trip were regarding my safety as some described Pittsburgh as a fun but low key dangerous place. During my trip I played it safe and took Ubers for long journeys when the sun went down and avoided places I internally felt on edge. Overall there weren’t many moments in Pitt that I felt in danger as the city abundant with colleges was very warm and welcoming to me. On average I walked about 4-5 miles a day while exploring from Spring Hill down to Oakland.

Image by Google Maps

To anyone thinking of becoming a solo traveler, let me leave you with this:

When you go looking // for what you want to see, //

please don’t be surprised // if it’s better than your dreams.

Cheers to exploring new places and trying new things,

xo Bri

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  1. Omw! I absolutely love this! You could never go wrong with Airbnb hey☺️. I love that the idea of solo traveling just came to your mind and you decided to go for it, that’s the spirit I wish everyone had! Here’s to more and more solo trips🍾🥂❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading and also for sharing your vacation experiences! Seeing all the beautiful places your going has truly inspired me so here’s to taking it one step at a time! Now that I’m familiar with exploring my own backyard, I’m super excited for what else the world has to show me,
      Thanks again girlie, I appreciate the love!!

      Liked by 1 person

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