Meatless In America

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Hey bumblebee, it’s been roughly 9 months since I’ve refrained from eating meat. When I spontaneously decided to give it up, it was under the distress of learning more about the meat industry; with the comfort of being the only person I cook for; and supported by compassion as an extreme lover of all animals. Around the same time, I was also on a strict budget so worrying about what to eat when out and about wasn’t an issue.

After a few months, I noticed not only physical changes but mental as well. Random headaches and sicknesses began happening less frequent along with a change of smell in my body odor. My overall mood was as colorful as my Pescatarian diet; passing on poultry has truly changed me from the inside out.

I’ve just felt so great since making this lifestyle change.

Kicking this one habit landed me with a string of bad habits melting away. Whether it was the newfound willpower or simply a change in chemicals; whatever was happening to my body was much needed. Cigarettes and alcohol were less desirable to me and hobbies like running and yoga were entertained daily. Being mindful of my other habits and their impact on nature came so naturally after a few weeks of changing my diet.

A month in I invested in yummy protein powder to balance the sudden decline in protein while I researched my new way of living. I tried Olly Plant Powered Vegan Protein at Target which was about $20 and I absolutely love it! On average I would mix one scoop of powder with almond milk about every other day for the two months my Olly powder lasted. The biggest change I noticed after adding this to my regular diet was an increase in energy which was possibly an indicator that I had ingesting too little protein in that first month. Not only is the powder plant-based, it’s also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and super yummy! Does it get much better than that?

While I’m so excited to continuously learn about living meatless in America, I hope to eventually obtain a vegan diet. In addition to cutting back on my waste, this will allow me to grow the foods filling my diet which I’m super excited about. This past summer, eating fruits from my tomato garden was both extremely yummy and truly rewarding.

What’s one eating change you’ve adopted in 2019?

Cheers to one contribution to making the world a better place,

xo Bri

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8 thoughts

  1. I’ve been mostly plant-based for many years. This means I eat meat only 3 days a week. It has made a tremendous impact on my health. I can maintain my weight, my blood pressure is down, cholesterol is down and I have a ton of energy! Plus, what I eat has significantly increased. There are so many more varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains than meat.


  2. Isn’t it incredible how one change of habit can trigger a shift in your mindset that affects so many other areas of your life? Congratulations on the positive changes!

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  3. I’ve been vegetarian (but kind of mainly plant-based) for a few years and found it’s done wonders for me. When I arrived in America about 6 years ago there was very little vegan or vegetarian options in general but there has been an explosion of them recently. I feel so much better since I cut our meat and most dairy!

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    1. I’m transitioning into removing dairy completely and have noticed the impact it has on my entire body; what they don’t tell you growing up here 🤦🏽‍♀️ now that I’m converted, I definitely hope to make animal conditions in this world better. It starts at the table but I’m hoping to impact allll animals!


  4. I’ve just recently cut out meat from my diet in the last few months. I still eat fish on occasion, mostly when I need to grab fast food, so it’s not often. I am doing it for the animal humanity as well as for the environment. Before this I was a low-carb dieter because it helped me maintain my weight the best. Since I’ve made the conversion I’ve gained weight, but that’s mostly due to indulging on carbs I’ve deprived myself of for so long. So now I’m trying to balance out that aspect, but I am loving not requiring meat in my diet. I don’t really miss it much. I definitely want to check out the protein mix you mentioned! Thanks for the great article!

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    1. Same!!! I’ve found that some veggies have carbs after making the switch and just have learned sooooo much!! Nice to meet someone new on this veggie tract!! Have you tried any new recipes since switching that you’d recommend??
      Thanks so much for reading my post also 💞


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