Spooky Season

Hey bumblebee, happy spooky season!

With the new month and new moon upon us, I decided now was as good a time as any to focus on my writing goals. Today I want to give you the 411 on what I’m doing for Blogtober! For those that don’t know, Blogtober is a tradition or challenge where bloggers post (about) every day in October. This is my first time participating in my five years as a blogger, I’m excited!

I hope to provide daily content using both WordPress and Youtube to create art and collect my ideas. The content of this month is focused on the benefits of practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, a peek into my lovely life, spooky season (of course) and lessons I’m learning along the way.

Check out my Fall Bucket List to see some things I’ll be writing about this month.

Stay tuned!

As day one falls upon us, I’ll also be celebrating World Vegetarian Day. Meatless in America is about delicious protein substitutes and insight on my time as a vegetarian so far. I’d like to also post my overdue introduction video on YouTube as I plan on contributing some videos to my Blogtober posts. I’m super excited about the amazing content I hope to create during this next month and the growth from my lifestyle changes.

May this month show you the strength you need to succeed in the challenges you’ve been hoping for!

Cheers to a new month full of new beginnings,

xo Bri

p.s. If you’re also participating in Blogtober, drop a link to your first post in the comments!

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