Fall Bucket List 2019

Hey bumblebee, Happy 1st Day of Autumn!

As hot summer season transitions to cooler fall, I’m inspired to make a change along with nature. Inspired by Rosie Culture’s fall post and seeing the first orange leaf of the season I decided to create a fall bucket list. I’m super excited to write about these experiences as I check them off and hope you enjoy tagging along with me.

Go to Pumpkin Festival 2019 (10/11)

Learn about the history of witches

Have a spooky movie marathon

Visit a museum

Check out a show or concert

Create yummy fall dishes

Go on a hike

Invest in a plant (preferably a succulent)

Give up one bad or unproductive habit

Read 10 new books

Get my palm read

30 days of yoga challenge

Write a short story

I decided to stick with thirteen to keep myself from getting overwhelmed about not finishing on time. I hope to continue this seasonal trend and let me know if you enjoyed this post!

Stay up to date on how things are going as I check items off my Fall Bucket List by following my Instagram! What’s one thing on your list of Fall things to do this season?

Cheers to trying new things,

xo Bri

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