Hubble Contacts Review

*This post does not contain affiliate links and is 100% my honest opinion.*

Hey bumblebee, this month I tried something different and ordered my contacts online! I was super excited to see the $1 offer and had just run out of contacts so I thought, why not? (Shout out to Instagram ads for coming to the rescue, am I right?) Well, here’s what I thought after spending a month with my $1 Hubble Contacts.

Considering I spent $1 on these, I wasn’t expecting much. Good thing too cause you know what they say; no expectations, no disappointments. I planned on canceling my subscription after seeing the $36 monthly fee plus $3 shipping and since popping the first pair in, I knew I made the right decision.

When they arrived a week after I placed the order, I was ecstatic. Free and fast shipping? Yes, please! The packaging is adorable and I dig the easy to store boxes they come in however the actual contacts weren’t the best.

Considering Acuvue Oasys (who also offers a free trial!) has spoiled me since I was 14 years old, I felt my special eyes just needed more love than Hubble’s contacts were giving. The harder, plastic feel of the contacts initially made me nervous to even insert them into my eyes however, once I recalled contacts were initially made out of glass I stopped stressing.

Having daily contacts for one month was enjoyable as I didn’t need to use contact solution and it kept me from second-guessing days I wanted to rock my glasses. Unfortunately, those were the only two things I actually enjoyed about my contact experience with Hubble.

Would I buy this product again? No. For $1 back-up contacts (yes I kept a few pairs stashed away just in case) they weren’t the worst however I won’t be budgeting $40 a month for the convenience of saving on contact solution and having them appear one my door step.

While it was exciting to try something new, Hubble Contacts just wasn’t it for me.

Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Cheers to 2020 vision, xo Bri

11 thoughts

  1. I don’t wear contacts but it is interesting to read about the experience. Wow, $1 is such a great deal, especially when you can just try it out. At least you didn’t need to spend a ton of money for the experience. Thanks for sharing your experience with them!

    Nancy ♥

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    1. Thanks so much for checking out my post Nancy! It was thrilling to try something new & this definitely has me feeling more comfortable trying out trial periods with different products


  2. Interesting post! I didn’t know there was such a deal. But these days I shouldn’t be surprised. I wear glasses since I’m terrified of putting anything in my eyes. The whole situation makes me uncomfortable.

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    1. I understand completely, when I had braces the idea of putting my hands in my mouth for rubber bands absolutely repulsed me and I would’ve absolutely refused if it wasn’t for the fact I wanted them off so bad lol. Thanks so much for checking out my post Hailey!


  3. It’s been years since I wore contacts full time. I just wasn’t getting the real picture that I get with my glasses. Thanks for the review.

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