Introducing: Bri Cuz, I Said So!

Hey bumblebee, welcome to my website!

I’m Bri, a twenty-something-year-old content creator with an interest in writing, reading, and communicating. In my digital collection, you’ll find my Gemini mind exploring everything from art and books to travel and eating vegetarian foods in America.

I plan to fill this portfolio with writing, videos, art work, and photography. Alongside my work, I would like to showcase other artists and content creators. If you’d like to be featured on Bri Cuz I Said So, contact me!

I’m ready to create some amazing content.

After blogging for about 4 years, I went on a long term hiatus. While I was sad to let go of something so near and dear to my heart, I knew it was the best for my creative spark.

I remembered what I loved about making art and stringing together words. Now that I’ve figured out my why and how it’s time to take action! You can check in every Thursday for a new post.

Here’s an idea of some topics you’ll find covered on Bri Cuz, I Said So:

Art work, poetry, and music

Learning a more eco-friendly way of living

Sex positive living

Celebrating the little things!

Want to stay connected? Check out my social media!

cheers to new chapters,

xxo Bri

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